Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lo que Cuzco fue

Acá estoy de vuelta después de mi viaje a Cuzco por el Inti Raymi que al final no pude ver casi nada por la cantidad enorme de gente que había! Igual fue una semana muy relajante de muchas caminatas y de respirar aire puro, cosa que acá en Lima imposible hacer. Los dejo acá con algunas fotos que pude tomar antes de que se me acabara la batería de la camara...
I'm back after my trip to Cuzco for the Inti Raymi festival that sadly i couldn't see to much cause it was way to crowded! Anyway it was a very relaxing week of long trekkings and to be able to breath pure air, thing that here in Lima i can't do. Here I leave you with some photos I took before my cam battery died.

Here we were in a kind of museum where you could see the process of the wool garments starting with the llama...

then the raw wool...

then the color step, this white stuff you see sticked to the tuna plant is the "cochinilla", they use this insect to get a natural dye...

Here is the wool already colored, the brown ball is baby alpaca and the blue one is sheep.

Now when you have your material ready, it's time to knit!
Unfortunately they didn't let me take pictures of the ended products but they really had beautiful stuff, kind of expensive but when you see in person all the process and see how long it takes to make them, you value those products a lot really!

I love this picture, the sun is just beautiful, i would love to have that sky here in the city.

Here i am tired of walking and below some crafts of the Pisac market...

The super delicious onion "empanadas" baked in a very old mud oven.

This feathers are use for a typical dance, they wear them like this, in the head...
Well, this was everything for today, hope you liked and if you ever got the chance to come to Peru, don't forget to visit Cuzco!

and never forget to smile!

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