Friday, March 11, 2011


Que puedo decir de esta tendencia que está super fuerte??? Pues que no puedo esperar a que se vaya el calor para poder ponerme capas y faldas largas transparentes!! Definitivamente una de mis favoritas! Firmas como Gucci, Cavalli, Alberta Ferreti, Dolce & Gabanna, entre muchisimas otras la proponen. Ustedes que opinan, se atreven a transparentarse?


What can I say about this trend that is veeeery strong right now??? Well that i just can't wait for the hot weather to go away so i can wear all of this capes and long transparent skirts!! Definitely one of my favorites! Brands like Gucci, Cavalli, Alberta Ferreti, Dolce & Gabanna, between maaaany other propose it. So what do you think about it, do you dare to wear this see-through trend?

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