Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I want it to be summer

Quiero que sea verano ya! O que comience a hacer algo de calor para ya usar cosas más ligeras, la verdad que ponerme muchas cosas para abrigarme me da claustrofobia, detesto sentir que no puedo estar totalmente libre como para moverme como quiera...Ustedes personas del hemisferio sur ya se cansaron del frío?


I want it to be summer! Or at least want a bit of warm weather so i can start using lighter stuff, i think i have a kind of "To many clothes claustrophobia", i hate not to be able to move totally free and however i want...Are you people from the southern hemisphere tired of the cold weather?

In the pictures: Poncho - Papaya, Denim Shorts - Forever 21 , Leather bag - Claire's, Perfume - Flower by Kenzo, Rings - Everywhere.

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